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RSVP AmeriCorps Seniors astounds with its 31st annual Health Fair | Sept 15, 2023

Location: Richland Mall

RSVP AmeriCorps Seniors has hosted the Senior Source Health Fair for over thirty years and 2023 marked an impactful return of that tradition. Held on September 15th, this year’s health fair took place in the Richland Mall, a site which on any given day can allow over 35,000 Wacoans to connect with their community. This year seniors were able to connect with 34 vendors who offered seniors opportunities to learn about and take action for their personal health.

RSVP AmeriCorps Seniors hosted dozens of vendors, and among the many vendors who participated three stations offered interactive services where seniors could check their range of motion, measure their hearing, and get their yearly flu shots. This year’s fair was a hit with many seniors and vendors alike which were glad for the “amazing opportunities” provided at the event.

The Health & Information Fair is just one of many great opportunities the RSVP has to offer for seniors and the Waco community. If interested in volunteering or getting connected with the RSVP, contact RSVP AmeriCorps Seniors at (254) 299-8766 or visit https://americorps.gov/.

Participants at the fair are responsible for medical advice and screening administered at the event and should consult with a physician for further evaluation.

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Meet Al Olson

For 16 years, Al Olson, veteran of the Air Force, has been a dedicated AmeriCorps Senior RSVP volunteer. Since 2006, he has been transporting veterans to medical appointments in Helena, Billings, Bozeman, and Sheridan, Wyoming as well as to Sturgis, South Dakota. For the past 8 years, he has also served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Disable American Vets vans in Miles City, a volunteer duty he continued while he, himself was receiving cancer treatment.
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